I am on social security and have high blood pressure. I have been paying $40 for Vasotec, a blood pressure medicine. Thanks to your list, I now pay only $7 from Greece for the exact same thing. I cannot tell you how important it is for someone on a fixed income to save every cent they can. Thank you so much!
San Francisco, CA

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Questions & Answers

How long has your company been in business and how many employees do you have?
Our company started in 1999 and we employ a total of 5 people.


Why do you charge a membership fee to view your "Pharmacies" when I can just find them on the Internet myself?
We charge a small one time fee which entitles you to a life time membership, we will stand behind our listed pharmacies if you ever have any problems. Have you ever been scammed using an untested pharmacy that you just happened to find on an Internet search? Our time tested and reliable pharmacies will come through with exactly the order you placed.


How do I know that the medication will not be outdated or worst FAKE?
This is our job to make sure that all of our pharmacies are legitimate, time tested and reliable. We have over 30,000 members who give us feedback on their buying experience with each pharmacy.  Over time we have found out who the really "true" pharmacies are.


How can I be sure that the medication I order will contain the same ingredients that I receive from my pharmacy now?
Most medications found in Mexico, Canada and Overseas are Imported from the USA, there are also some excellent pharmaceutical companies around the globe that are called "WHO and FDA Approved Facilities". The pharmacies on our listings only utilize these. You always have a choice whether to purchase "Brand" or "Generic" medicines.


Why doesn't your company sell medication direct to us?
There are two main rules we must abide by to make this program work and for you to receive your medications without a prescription, plus help you save some money!
  • You must order directly from the online pharmacy yourself.
  • You can NOT order more than a 90 day personal supply of any one medication at a time. Common sense dictates personal supply. 3 X a day or 270 units in most cases.


What can I import and what I can't?
Importing most prescription drugs available in a 90 day supply has no legal repercussions. No Scheduled drugs can be imported. Customs and FDA policy may restrict certain imports if banned in the United States. (deemed unsafe by the FDA), but often these restrictions are arbitrarily enforced. Ordering of medications should be for personal medical use and no more than a 90 day supply. (FDA rules)


How do I order?
When you first gain online access through our member area, search the pharmacy Web Sites for what you need. If you do not see the medicine on their websites E-mail them, Write or Call (many have toll free #'s) and tell them you are seeking such and such a medication and ask for prices including shipping. All this should be negotiated before giving them any payment. Remember to order conservatively at first. Most pharmacies will also give members of Endlessmeds a discount when you inform them.


What if my package gets lost in the mail?
Don't panic! Most of the foreign pharmacies will respect our large base of members (30,000+) and replace the shipment for free. A lot of times there is also an insurance option which you should ask about before you finalize your order and send any payment.


What else should I know?
Even though we can not directly buy the medications for you or handle your money in any way, we will be there to support you if you ever have any problems with the pharmacies, you are never alone! Contact us by phone or email (fastest) support for as long as you need. We also update our listed pharmacies on a regular basis, so every time you access our data base via "Member Log In" you can be sure that the information will up to date. 

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